Horse Riding
Horse Riding

This means of transport, used for many years as an instrument of work by the farmers, allows us to reach the most beautiful places in the mountains of Salento. Embraced by nature, we enjoy the most beautiful landscape of our municipality.

Bird Watching
Bird Watching

Connect with nature and discover the richness and diversity of our fauna. Sounds and colours make this a magical experience where you will be able to observe more than 600 species of birds, more than 30 of which are endemic.

Bike tours/
Bike tours

Explore and enjoy an unforgettable experience among the forests and roads of Salento, enjoy the adventure and the beauty of our nature riding on two wheels.
Surprise yourself with the incredible landscapes and roads that accompany you during this experience.

Ecological Walks/

Proud of our landscapes, we invite you to explore this paradise and enter the forest, where you will reconnect with the earth, a journey through nature, through the green that identifies our coffee region.

Coffee Tour/
Coffee Tour

Experience the life of a coffee farmer, learn about the process of making a cup of Colombian coffee, tour the plantations and live an unforgettable experience. Taste, smell and savour our coffee.

La Patasola Nature Reserve

Low mountain rainforest 15 km from the main park of Salento. Its area of 150 hectares of plantations makes it the second most birdwatching nature reserve in Colombia. It is of great importance for bird conservation, preservation of endangered species and home to exotic Colombian flowers.

Wax Palm Forest (Carbonera)

Two hours from the village on the national road by jeep willys. At an altitude of 3800 mt the wax palm forest surrounds the mountains of the region. The sanctuary of the palms, a place of greenery and fresh air. Without a doubt a place worth visiting.

Cocora Valley

Andean cloud forest at a maximum altitude of 2400 mt with its wax palms adorns the slopes of this mountainous area of Colombia.

Willys ride in the area

A traditional car that reminds us of our tradition. It allows us to relive history and remember it in order to be able to tell it.

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